Sunday, November 7, 2010

HR 5034: The Prohibition/Monopoly Legislation

For more than six months I have been made crazy by the concept that 151 of our Congressman feel that the wine, beer and spirit wholesale companies need protection from the big, bad small producers and the consumer!

The idea that a legislation is needed to protect big business is silly. As they saying goes in politics, just follow the money. And there is plenty to follow in this battle, the NBWA (National Beer Wholesalers Association) is the 4th largest political contributor. They have contributed 2.6 million in the most recent election cycle.

In Long Island, we have an expanding wine industry with more than 40 wineries. Tim Bishop is one of the sponsors of the HR 5034 Bill, which makes no sense at all as it is anti-winery. Alas, Mr. Bishop has taken as much as $30,000 in campaign contributions from the NBWA. Oops, that seems to have back-fired as he is in a major race to stay the Congressman. Right now there is a recount happening that shows his opponent about 400 votes in the lead. Very interesting as there are 40ish wineries...hmm, 10 votes per winery going against Bishop!?! I just wonder.

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